Don’t Leave Us.

I don’t sleep much. So I scroll, peeking into lives, reviewing all the highlight reels and anecdotes, the cats and babies, the news and conspiracy theories. Tonight I read a post that stopped my mindless stationary scroll. Five words: “I’m … Continue reading

Daddy’s Day.

Today is the day that society says we are to celebrate our fathers. Let him put his feet up, have the remote, and give him special gifts. We are to tell him how much he means to us with sentiments … Continue reading

The RCL’s Personal Thoughts on the Difficult Subject of Race, Reality and White Privilege

Have you ever sat down to really examine your life and, after doing so, found a fault? Perhaps a little crinkle in your character or maybe a bad habit that was wreaking it’s own special havoc on your health or … Continue reading

Waking Up.

“I’m starving.” I catch myself saying this frequently in the lackadaisical way most people have a tendency to do. In reality, I’m eating a reduced calorie diet because I had been over-eating a calorie rich diet. Lately I have been … Continue reading

“Action” – Small word, BIG meaning.

I was asked at the birth of this new year to pick ONE WORD to define what I wanted from 2015. Usually I am not much for adorning a new year with some sort of mystical power of change, but … Continue reading