The RCL’s Personal Thoughts on the Difficult Subject of Race, Reality and White Privilege

Have you ever sat down to really examine your life and, after doing so, found a fault? Perhaps a little crinkle in your character or maybe a bad habit that was wreaking it’s own special havoc on your health or … Continue reading

Waking Up.

“I’m starving.” I catch myself saying this frequently in the lackadaisical way most people have a tendency to do. In reality, I’m eating a reduced calorie diet because I had been over-eating a calorie rich diet. Lately I have been … Continue reading

A Divorced Woman’s Thoughts on Marriage (Actually, Just Engagement – For Now…)

When I first mentioned this subject of this blog series to a friend they retorted with ‘Well, that won’t be snarky at all, will it?’. I was a little dismayed by the response. Not every divorced person is angry and … Continue reading

February 14th and All the ‘Things’ It Brings

I have been unmoved by this holiday for most of my life. The last time I remember really enjoying Valentine’s Day was third grade. We brought shoe boxes to school to be decorated with fuzzy, heart-shaped pom-poms and stickers. On … Continue reading

The Selectively Social Cat and Her Likewise Human

This coming Sunday marks one year that I have been owned by a cat been a cat owner. MeowKitty has been a special part of my life and I really love her annoying, demanding, passive aggressive, demeaning little feline heart. After this … Continue reading